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ZOOM Classes! Pick the Class that Best Suits You:

40+ Live, Online Pilates Classes each month! 

Hi Everyone, 

STARTING NOW, there will be 40+ live, online classes to attend each month!

I encourage you to try as many as you can.  And to keep things even more interesting, there will be a prize for the person who attends the most classes each month, our Ist prize winner to date, attended 34 classes in just one month!!

I look forward to connecting with you live this month and next!  You may email me at kateselleckpilates@gmail.com for more details.

Thank you for your support in 2020!

With love and thanks,


Kate Selleck is the Director of

Pine Street Pilates.

She has been practicing Pilates for more than half her life, and has been

helping people move better for the past fifteen years. 

Kate specializes in rehabilitative movement for shoulders, hips, knees, and backs,

with an emphasis on building a strong core, good posture and better gait.  

Pine Street Pilates offers a variety of Pilates Classes and Equipment to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health.

The best way to contact Kate is by email at kateselleckpilates@gmail.com

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"Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours."


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Private Training & Group Classes AVAILABLE ONLINE

Spend Some Time With Us

Everyone leads a busy life nowadays.  Let us take care of your fitness needs.  

At Pine Street Pilates, we are known for the work we do one-on-one.  We tailor private and semi-private sessions to suit your personal exercise style and use high-quality Pilates equipment to help you achieve the goals you set. 

Sessions focus on optimal muscle recruitment, functional movement and gait re-education in order to gain you tangible results.

Personalized, private training is for you if…

  • you want an exercise routine that matches your individual fitness goals

  • you want a targeted program that has been specifically designed for your body

  • you want help recovering from an injury

  • you have been advised to exercise before and after surgery

Get in touch with Kate to book a Complimentary Introductory Consultation!


New ONLINE Group Mat Classes!

All classes at Pine Street Pilates, aim to help you improve

your strength, alignment and posture.  

Call ahead to reserve a VIRTUAL mat for you and your friends!

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We offer group classes and specialized, individual programs throughout the day.  Contact us to find out more.

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